Introduces the concept of managing money, discussing debt, setting savings goals, how to make a budget, ideas on how to save, and opening a bank account.

An Inquiry Into a Theory of Budgeting

Budgeting, principles and practice

Whatever Happened to State Budgeting?

Performance budgeting in India

facets and prospects

Budgeting and Financial Management for National Defense

Most of the literature on public sector budgeting ignores defense budgeting, even though aircraft, ships, tanks, smart weaponry, skilled crews, electronically boosted infantry, and other facets of nat

Government Budgeting in Developing Countries

Principles of municipal budgeting

Experiences in zero-base budgeting

A Selective Bibliography of the Micro-economics Theory Known as Planning-programming-budgeting (Output Budgeting) as it is Applied in the United States of America and Great Britain

Nota keuangan dan rancangan anggaran pendapatan dan belanja negara

Laporan pelaksanaan Proyek Pembinaan Peranan Wanita Dibidang Perdagangandi Jawa Tengah, tahun anggaran 1984/1985