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Business Strategies for Information Technology Management

"This business guide presents theoretical and empirical research on the business value of information technology (IT) and introduces strategic opportunities for using IT management to increase organizational performance. Implementation management is addressed with attention to customer relationship outsourcing, decision support systems, and information systems strategic planning. Domestic, international, and multinational business contexts are covered."

A comprehensive conceptualization of trust in B2B electronic commerce should
include trust in the infrastructure and the underlying control and support
mechanisms. We refer to this new target of trust as "technology trust, " which is
described ...

Information Technology for Counterterrorism:

Immediate Actions and Future Possibilities

Information technology (IT) is essential to virtually all of the nation’s critical infrastructures making them vulnerable by a terrorist attack on their IT system. An attack could be on the system itself or use the IT system to launch or exacerbate another type of attack. IT can also be used as a counterterrorism tool. The report concludes that the most devastating consequences of a terrorist attack would occur if it were on or used IT as part of a broader attack. The report presents two recommendations on what can be done in the short term to protect the nation’s communications and information systems and several recommendations about what can be done over the longer term. The report also notes the importance of considering how an IT system will be deployed to maximize protection against and usefulness in responding to attacks.

Immediate Actions and Future Possibilities National Research Council, Division
on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Computer Science and
Telecommunications Board, Committee on the Role of Information Technology in
Responding to ...