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An Institutional Basis for Environmental Stewardship

This book explores an institutional framework for environmental governance. Starting from the assumption that governments can facilitate the sustainability of resource management by state and non-state actors through the structuring of decision contexts, the analyses combined in the book explore determinants of environmental stewardship with particular emphasis on the structure and quality of property rights. In pursuit of their objectives, the analyses build on previous research on determinants of environmental quality, critically examine findings and claims on the existence of an environmental Kuznets curve, and draw linkages to the literatures on government capacity and collective action. In addition, the book substantially extends the state of the knowledge on the environmental implications of property rights, integrating economic and political dimensions and establishing links between previously unconnected research areas in environmental politics, environmental economics, and resource management.

These analyses tend to face substantial difficulties, for instance in terms of data
availability and quality, questions of methodology, and problems with the
inclusion of ecological aspects such as ecosystem resilience or irreversibility of

Business Strategies for Information Technology Management

"This business guide presents theoretical and empirical research on the business value of information technology (IT) and introduces strategic opportunities for using IT management to increase organizational performance. Implementation management is addressed with attention to customer relationship outsourcing, decision support systems, and information systems strategic planning. Domestic, international, and multinational business contexts are covered."

A comprehensive conceptualization of trust in B2B electronic commerce should
include trust in the infrastructure and the underlying control and support
mechanisms. We refer to this new target of trust as "technology trust, " which is
described ...