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An Institutional Basis for Environmental Stewardship

This book explores an institutional framework for environmental governance. Starting from the assumption that governments can facilitate the sustainability of resource management by state and non-state actors through the structuring of decision contexts, the analyses combined in the book explore determinants of environmental stewardship with particular emphasis on the structure and quality of property rights. In pursuit of their objectives, the analyses build on previous research on determinants of environmental quality, critically examine findings and claims on the existence of an environmental Kuznets curve, and draw linkages to the literatures on government capacity and collective action. In addition, the book substantially extends the state of the knowledge on the environmental implications of property rights, integrating economic and political dimensions and establishing links between previously unconnected research areas in environmental politics, environmental economics, and resource management.

These analyses tend to face substantial difficulties, for instance in terms of data
availability and quality, questions of methodology, and problems with the
inclusion of ecological aspects such as ecosystem resilience or irreversibility of

The Research Basis for Autism Intervention

This volume is the outcome of a cooperative scientific workshop between researchers from Israel and North Carolina, entitled Research Frontiers in Autism: Genetics, Behavior and Intervention, held in Jerusalem, June 28-30, 1999. During this workshop, a group of professionals came together to improve their understanding of the occasional gap that appears between research results in the study of autism and clinical applications in its treatment. Each chapter in this volume includes a discussion of the direct and indirect implications of basic research for intervention. With its focus on cutting-edge research, this volume will be of interest to researchers, clinicians, and parents of children with autism.

An Empirical Summary Nurit Yirmiya, Michal Shaked, and Osnat Erel The aim of
the current study is to summarize the data regarding different characteristics, or
outcome measures (including autism, the broad phenotype of autism, cognitive ...

Biomechanical Basis of Human Movement

Biomechanical Basis of Human Movement integrates basic anatomy, physics, calculus, and physiology for the study of human movement. The book provides a uniquely quantitative approach to biomechanics, and is organized into three parts: Foundations of Human Movement, Functional Anatomy, and Mechanical Analysis of Human Motion. New to this edition: basic mathematics information, increased practical applications, and a new chapter on emphasizing techniques for measuring the strength of human tissue. Now every copy of the book comes with Innovision Systems' MaxTRAQ software specially customized for Biomechanical Basis of Human Movement, Second Edition. This downloadable motion analysis software offers you an easy to use tool to track data and analyze various motions selected by the authors.

Sample Kinematic and * Kinetic Data FW Subject: 50-kg female Activity: Walking
sampled at 120 Hz; one cycle from right foot touchdown to right foot touchdown
Markers: Head, R shoulder, R elbow, R wrist, R hand, R crest (IC), R greater ...

Basis Data Dasar

Dalam buku ini dibahas tentang ER-D dari simbol hingga langkah-langkah pembuatan ER-D yang baik dan benar. Selain itu buku ini juga membahas kasus yang ada dan cara penyelesaiannya. Sehingga pembaca, khususnya mahasiswa Fakultas Ilmu Komputer dapat membuat ER-D setahap demi setahap untuk menghasilkan basis data yang baik dan benar. Dalam pembuatan sebuah sistem aplikasi, diperlukan sebuah basis data yang baik dan benar. Untuk menghasilkan basis data yang baik dan benar haruslah dilakukan perancangan dengan baik dan benar pula. Perancangan basis data dapat dilakukan dengan beberapa cara, salah satunya adalah dengan membuat Entity Relationship Diagram (ER-D). Pembacaan ER-D memang mudah dilakukan, namun bagaimana merancang ER-D yang baik dan benar?

Dalam buku ini dibahas tentang ER-D dari simbol hingga langkah-langkah pembuatan ER-D yang baik dan benar.

The Finite Element Method: Its Basis and Fundamentals

The Sixth Edition of this influential best-selling book delivers the most up-to-date and comprehensive text and reference yet on the basis of the finite element method (FEM) for all engineers and mathematicians. Since the appearance of the first edition 38 years ago, The Finite Element Method provides arguably the most authoritative introductory text to the method, covering the latest developments and approaches in this dynamic subject, and is amply supplemented by exercises, worked solutions and computer algorithms. • The classic FEM text, written by the subject's leading authors • Enhancements include more worked examples and exercises • With a new chapter on automatic mesh generation and added materials on shape function development and the use of higher order elements in solving elasticity and field problems Active research has shaped The Finite Element Method into the pre-eminent tool for the modelling of physical systems. It maintains the comprehensive style of earlier editions, while presenting the systematic development for the solution of problems modelled by linear differential equations. Together with the second and third self-contained volumes (0750663219 and 0750663227), The Finite Element Method Set (0750664312) provides a formidable resource covering the theory and the application of FEM, including the basis of the method, its application to advanced solid and structural mechanics and to computational fluid dynamics. The classic introduction to the finite element method, by two of the subject's leading authors Any professional or student of engineering involved in understanding the computational modelling of physical systems will inevitably use the techniques in this key text

FEAPpy is mainly a solution module but provides simple data input and pre-
processor capabilitites which permit generation of meshes using the multiblock
schemes of Zienkiewicz and Phillips” and Gordon and Hall.” Alternatively the
data may ...

Technical Basis of Radiation Therapy

Practical Clinical Applications

This book, now in its fourth edition, is unique in detailing in depth the technological basis of radiation therapy. Compared with the previous edition, all chapters have been rewritten and updated. In addition, new chapters have been included on various topics, including the use of imaging in treatment planning, second malignant neoplasms due to irradiation, and quality assurance in radiation oncology. The book is divided into two sections. The first covers basic concepts in treatment planning, including essential physics, and explains the various approaches to radiation therapy, such as intensity-modulated radiation therapy, tomotherapy, and high and low dose rate brachytherapy. The second part documents the practical clinical applications of these concepts in the treatment of different cancers. All of the chapters have been written by leaders in the field. This book will serve to instruct and acquaint teachers, students and practitioners in the various fields of oncology with the basic technological factors and approaches in radiation therapy.

Image and treatment planning data are modeled as DICOM information objects,
and services that act on these information objects (e.g., storage or printing) are
identified. DICOM information objects are used to represent CT scans, structures,

Climate Change 2007 - The Physical Science Basis

Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC

What is happening to the climate? Climate Change 2007 - The Physical Science Basis is the most comprehensive and up-to-date scientific assessment of past, present and future climate change. This report has been produced by some 600 authors from 40 countries, over 620 experts and a large number of government reviewers. Providing insights into the effects of human activity on the atmosphere, and containing an evaluation of observed climatic changes using the latest measurement techniques, the report also includes a detailed review of climate change observations and modelling for every continent as well as the first probabilistic evaluation of climate model simulations. Simply put, this latest summary from the IPCC forms the standard scientific reference for all those concerned with climate change and its consequences, including students and researchers in environmental science, meteorology, climatology, biology, ecology and atmospheric chemistry, and policy makers in governments and industry worldwide.

Figure 6.10a shows two instrumental compilations representing the mean annual
surface temperature of the NH since 1850, one based on land data only, and one
using land and surface ocean data combined (see Chapter 3).

An Integrated Framework for Financial Positions and Flowson a From-Whom-To-Whom Basis

Concepts, Status, and Prospects

The global crisis of 2008 highlighted the need to understand financial interconnectedness among the various sectors of an economy and between them and their counterparties in the rest of the world. However, application of this kind of analysis has been hampered by the lack of adequate data. This paper sets the background for promoting internationally coordinated efforts for compiling and disseminating data on sectoral financial positions and flows on a from-whom-to-whom basis within the framework of the System of National Accounts. It draws on actual experiences in compiling these kinds of data and provides guidelines for their development in the future.

The main source data for the compilation of the BSA are the Standardized Report
Form (SRFs) for monetary and financial statistics reported monthly to the IMF's
Statistics Department (STA). As of 2011, 32 countries report data for the monetary